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jr dragster rear wing dual element Dual Element Rear Wing

Custom JDP dual element rear wing. Not just for looks!!   Wing is adjustable.  How many times have you been committed to dial in that you didn't feel comfortable with?  Well If you need to change last second then this wing can swing a hundredth with one quick adjustment before you turn on the pre-stage bulb! Choice of Canards! Comes with brackets.   Weld on Adapter Kit Not included.

Our Price: $595.99
Jr Dragster Rear Wing, Single Element Single Element Rear Wing w/ Mounting Kit

JDP single element rear wing.  Choice of canard style and comes with mounting kits.  We have mounting kits to fit most any Jr Dragster.

Our Price: $499.99
Jr dragster ISP head support ISP Head Support

SFI 45.2 high impact head support by ISP. These are flat out the best way to provide your child with the safest head protection inside your cage. We send the rough plates to you. You mark them with sharpie and label your measurements and send them back and we build them for you.

Our Price: $399.00
Jr Dragster Pedal Assembly Pedal Assembly

Easily adjustable pedal assembly. Comes with all mounting hardware. Master cylinder sold separate.

Our Price: $275.99
Jr Dragster Rear Wheels Ultra Light Rear Wheels/Rims

These Rear Wheels by 660 Pro offer Custom Sizes Super Lightweight 3 spoke Polished and Machined for True Running Rim. Guaranteed Run Out of 5/1000 or Less. Sold as Set

Our Price: $265.00
Jr Dragster Rear Wheels Eliminator Rear Wheels/Rims

These Rear Wheels by 660 Pro are 8x8 Lightweight 3 spoke Polished and Machined for True Running Rim Guaranteed Run Out of 5/1000 or Less. Sold as Set.

Our Price: $150.90
Jr Dragster Rear Wheels Tru Line Rear Wheels/Rims

These Rear Wheels by 660 Pro are 8x8 3 spoke Polished Rims Ready to Bolt On. Guaranteed Run Out of 15/1000 or Less. Sold as set

Our Price: $142.30
Belt Guard Two Piece Belt Guard

Two pieces held together by dzus fasteners for easy access to your clutch!

Our Price: $129.99
Jr Dragster Rear Wheels Rims Pro Light Rear Wheels/Rims

These Rear Wheels by 660 Pro are 8x8 3 Spoke Unfinished Do It Yourself Rims, Ready to powder coat or anodize the color of your choice. Guaranteed Run Out of 28/1000 or Less. Sold As Set

Our Price: $121.30
Black Rear Wheel Hubs Black Rear Wheel Hubs

Black anodized rear wheel hubs, machined to have the cleanest look with the most durability!

Our Price: $99.95
Belt guard Belt Guard

Standard one piece JDP belt guard.

Our Price: $99.95
Rear Wheel Hubs Rear Wheel Hubs

JDP custom rear wheel hubs machined to look better and last longer. Sold in pairs.

Our Price: $95.95
Jr Dragster Bearing Kit Bearing Kit

Full Jr dragster bearing kit includes: 4 front wheel bearings, 3 jack shaft bearings, 1 starter nut crank support bearing, 1 clutch side crank support bearing, and 2 rear axle bearings.

Specs on the front wheel bearings are .625" ID x 1.375" OD x .4375" thick. May not work with some motivational tubing front wheels. Please check your wheel's specs before purchasing. If you have a motivational tubing car please measure or read the part number on your jack shaft bearings. Some cars take a 1638 instead of the R12.

Our Price: $60.99
Jr Dragster tire covers Tire Covers New Full Pull Tab Design

Prevent Tearing. New full pull tab design for easy removal. Made of 1000 denier Cordura nylon material. Developed by Dupont, this is the same material used in United States military gear. Don't be mislead by others claiming denier of a lesser count or some who bill out Condura instead of Cordura. These covers are simply one of the best covers you can put on your car. These Jr dragster tire covers are extra wide and are USA designed and developed for maximum protection and life.

Our Price: $59.95
Jr Dragter Sprocket hub Sprocket Hub

Billet sprocket hub for a keyed axle.

Our Price: $39.95
Jr Dragster Sprocket Hub Sprocket Hub

1-1/4" Sprocket hub

Our Price: $34.95
Dial Board Dial Board

JrDragster Dial Board. Offer 4 digit and 3 digit. NO MOUNT.

Our Price: $34.50
MCP brake pads MCP Brake Pads

MCP standard brake pads.

Our Price: $32.95
Jr Dragster Bearing Cassette Rear Axle Bearing Cassette

Hard coated black rear axle bearing cassette. SOLD INDIVIDUALLY

Our Price: $24.25
Jr Dragster Rear Axle Bearing Rear Axle Bearing

1-1/4" Rear axle bearing, sold individually.

Our Price: $15.99
Jr dragster tail light Tail Light

Our easy strap/mount on tail lights come in 5 awesome colors! LED lights are bright and easily seen for max safety. Batteries Included!

Note, if you are racing NHRA sanctioned event, the strap must be removed via a small screw on the rear of the unit, A small hole drilled into your rear shield or other area and the screw replace through the car to permanently mount the light on the car to meet the rule listed on page 39 of the JDRL Rule Book. Using the strap on method is not NHRA legal. Please feel free to call for specific directions.

Our Price: $13.95
Jr Dragster Locking Collar Locking Collar

3/4" ID locking collar.

Our Price: $10.95
Jr Dragster Rod Ends Rod Ends

Left and right 5/16" 24 thread rod ends

Our Price: $8.95
Wheel Hub Lug Nuts Wheel Hub Lug Nuts

Replacement lug nuts for your wheel studs. Sold in sets of three

Our Price: $7.85
Jr Dragster Jack Shaft Spacers Jack Shaft Spacers

3/4 ID Jack shaft spacers

Our Price: $5.50
Jr Dragster Starter Nut Bearing Starter Nut Bearing

.875" ID x 1.875" OD x .500" thick starter nut bearing

Our Price: $5.25
Jr Dragster Jack Shaft Bearing Jack Shaft Bearing

.750" ID x 1.625" OD x .4375" thick jack shaft bearing

Our Price: $4.99
Jr dragster Front Wheel Bearing Front Wheel Bearing

.625" ID x 1.375" OD x .4375" thick front wheel bearing

Our Price: $4.99
Jr Dragster Front Wheel Bearing Off-Size Front Wheel Bearing Off-Size

This is an off size front wheel bearing for most motivational tubing front wheels.
The specs on this bearing are 5/8" ID x 1-5/8" OD x 1/2" thick. Please measure the specs of your front wheels before purchasing.

Our Price: $4.69