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Jr Dragster Air Jet Air Bleed

For those running a 33mm, 40mm, or 42mm carburetors with air bleeds rather than air mixture screws, don't get to the track without the jets to make the adjustments you need. Get what you need here!

Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Our Price: $5.75
Jr Dragster Carburetor Bowl Bolts Carburetor Bowl Bolts

Carburetor bowl bolts M4-0.7 X 10 socket heads. Sold in sets of four

Our Price: $5.95
Max Jet Max Jets

Max Jets for Mikuni 42 and 45mm carburetors. Use to fine tune your carburetor!


Our Price: $6.33
Jr Dragster 42mm Pilot Jet 42mm Pilot Jet

Pilot jets sizes 52, 55, 57, 59, and 62. Don't get stuck at the track without the right jets for adjustments. Get what you need!

Our Price: $6.65
Jr Dragster float bowl o-ring 42mm Float Bowl O-Ring

Are you getting air leaks in your fuel system? Try starting with replacing your 42mm carburetor float bowl O-ring!

Our Price: $8.95
42mm Carburetor Front Gasket 42mm Carburetor Front Gasket

Front cover gasket for 42mm carburetor. If you've gone through your whole fuel system trying to find an air leak? Don't forget to check here!

Our Price: $9.95
Jr Dragster 42mm Carburetor Top Gasket 42mm Carburetor Top Gasket

Top gasket for any 42mm carburetor top.

Our Price: $9.95
Jr Dragster Standard Carburetor Bowl Plug. Standard Carburetor Bowl Plug.

Standard carburetor bowl plug that fits a 42mm standard bowl and some 33mm bowls.

Our Price: $13.95
Throttle body Valve Seal Mikuni HSR Valve Seal

Rubber Seal for Mikuni HSR42/45 Throttle Valve.

Our Price: $14.93
Jr Dragster 42mm Air mixture screw 42mm Air Mixture Screw Kit

For those of you using air mixture screws rather then air jets. Comes with spring, washer, and o-ring.

Our Price: $15.35
Idle speed adjuster for 42mm Mikuni Jr Dragster 42/45mm Mikuni Idle Speed Adjuster

Idle speed adjuster for 42/45mm Mikuni Jr Dragster Carb.

Our Price: $16.60
42mm throttle butterfly 42mm Mikuni Throttle Butterfly

Throttle butterfly for a mikuni 42mm carburetor.

Our Price: $16.95
42mm Idle Cam 42mm Idle Cam

Idle Cam for a 42mm carburetor. If your having problems with them breaking try taking out the stop screw!

Our Price: $16.95
Jr Dragster 42mm Carburetor Jet Needle 42mm Carburetor Jet Needle

Replacement 42mm carburetor jet needle.

Our Price: $16.95
42mm Fuel Joint Fuel Joint (HSR42/45)

Genuine Mikuni Fuel Joint for 42/45mm carburetor.

Our Price: $19.95
Jr Dragster Air Filter Adapter Tapered Tapered Air Filter Adapter (42mm) 2 7/16" OD

Jr Dragster Air Filter Adapter for 42mm carburetor, tapered down to 2 7/16" OD. Compatible with PARTS AAF2716 and AFM514.

Our Price: $19.99
Jr dragster Needle and Seat 42mm 33mm 42mm 33mm Carburetor Needle and Seat

Needle and seat for 42mm or 33mm carburetor.

Our Price: $26.50
Jr Dragster 42mm floats for Mikuni Alcohol Carburetor NHRA IHRA Approved 42 mm Carburetor floats

If your Mikuni Floats weigh more than 16 grams then you need new ones!   Mikuni Floats for 42mm Jr Dragster alcohol carburetor.

Our Price: $29.95
Mikuni HSR42/45 Throttle Valve Body Sealing Ring Mikuni HSR42/45 Throttle Valve Body Sealing Ring

Genuine Mikuni T.V. Sealing Ring for HSR42/45mm throttle valve

Our Price: $32.80
42mm Rubber Intake Flange for Mikuni Flat Slide 42mm Rubber Intake Flange for Mikuni Flat Slide

Rubber carburetor flange for 42mm carburetor.

Our Price: $39.99
jr dragster air filter Jr Dragster AIR FILTER, 5 1/4"-6" OD x 5" x 3" ID @20 degree

Jr Dragster air filter, 5 1/4" OD x 5" x 3" ID @ 20 degree

Our Price: $49.95
42mm Carburetor Top 660 Pro 42/45mm Carb Top

This 660 Pro Jr Dragster Carb top is made for HSR 42/45mm Carburetor. It features two threaded holes at the top for quick change max jets and carb clamp compatible!

Our Price: $62.95
Carburetor Clamp Kit Carburetor Clamp Kit

Tired of the bottom of your carburetor slipping out of the boot and costing you the round!!  This is the best kit on the market for holding your carburetor in place!  Fits in place of your current top holding mount and adds the second security of holding the bottom of the carburetor from slipping out of the boot.  Includes an air filter adapter and all hardware needed!

Our Price: $69.99
Mikuni HSR 42/45 throttle slide. Mikuni HSR42 Throttle Valve Slide

Genuine Mikuni HSR 42/45 throttle slide.

Our Price: $82.95

42mm Mikuni rebuild kit

Our Price: $102.25