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Fuel Y Fuel Y Fitting

Fuel "Y" splitter

Our Price: $4.05
Jr Dragster Terminal Block Terminal Block

Terminal Block

Our Price: $4.95
33mm Mikuni Main Jets 33mm Mikuni Main Jets

Stock up on all the 33mm main jets you need!

Our Price: $5.00
Jr Dragster Air Jet Air Bleed

For those running a 33mm, 40mm, or 42mm carburetors with air bleeds rather than air mixture screws, don't get to the track without the jets to make the adjustments you need. Get what you need here!

Our Price: $5.75
Jr Dragster Carburetor Bowl Bolts Carburetor Bowl Bolts

Carburetor bowl bolts M4-0.7 X 10 socket heads. Sold in sets of four

Our Price: $5.95
NGK Spark Plug NGK Spark Plug B8HS

NGK Spark Plug B8HS

Our Price: $6.29
Max Jet Max Jets

Max Jets for Mikuni 42 and 45mm carburetors. Use to fine tune your carburetor!


Our Price: $6.33
Clutch Alignment Tool Clutch Alignment Tool

Get your secondary to primary clutch offset just right with this clutch alignment rod!

Our Price: $6.45
Jr Dragster 42mm Pilot Jet 42mm Pilot Jet

Pilot jets sizes 52, 55, 57, 59, and 62. Don't get stuck at the track without the right jets for adjustments. Get what you need!

Our Price: $6.65
Shockwave Secondary Clutch Post Shockwave Secondary Tower Pin

5/16"- 24 x 6" shockwave secondary threaded rod individual piece.

Our Price: $7.00
EGT Weld on Bungs Mychron EGT Small Sensor Weld Bung

Weld on EGT sensor mount.

Our Price: $7.50
Wheel Hub Lug Nuts Wheel Hub Lug Nuts

Replacement lug nuts for your wheel studs. Sold in sets of three

Our Price: $7.85
Jr Dragster float bowl o-ring 42mm Float Bowl O-Ring

Are you getting air leaks in your fuel system? Try starting with replacing your 42mm carburetor float bowl O-ring!

Our Price: $8.95
Bowl O Ring 33mm 33mm Bowl O-Ring

Are you getting air leaks in your fuel system? Try starting with replacing your 33mm carburetor float bowl O-ring!

Our Price: $8.95
SPROCKET & CHAIN LUBE Sprocket & Chain Lube Single OUNCE

Designed for Jr Dragsters/Go-Karts and other chain drives, Lucas Sprocket & Chain Lube is designed with a specific additive package to prolong the life of sprockets and chains. Fortified with “moly” and other dry film lubricants, you can expect less friction at high RPM’s for less drag and longer component life.

Our Price: $8.99
42mm Carburetor Front Gasket 42mm Carburetor Front Gasket

Front cover gasket for 42mm carburetor. If you've gone through your whole fuel system trying to find an air leak? Don't forget to check here!

Our Price: $9.95
Jr Dragster 42mm Carburetor Top Gasket 42mm Carburetor Top Gasket

Top gasket for any 42mm carburetor top.

Our Price: $9.95
Jr Dragster Locking Collar Aluminum Locking Collar

3/4" ID locking collar.

Our Price: $10.95
Jr Dragster Locking Collar Locking Collar (1-1/4")

1-1/4" locking collar. Is your axle wanting to shift? Lock it up with a couple of these and you won't have to worry about it again! Sold individually.

Our Price: $11.25
Jr dragster Oil Fill plug short Oil Fill Plug (short)

Jr dragster oil fill plugs, available in blue, purple, black, aluminum, and red.

Our Price: $11.50
Jr dragster assorted fuel line Jr Dragster Fuel Line 5 Feet

1/4" Fuel line, Five feet of your favorite color to ensure your junior dragster looks great!

Our Price: $12.00
Jr dragster tail light Tail Light

Our easy strap/mount on tail lights come in 5 awesome colors! LED lights are bright and easily seen for max safety. Batteries Included!

Note, if you are racing NHRA sanctioned event, the strap must be removed via a small screw on the rear of the unit, A small hole drilled into your rear shield or other area and the screw replace through the car to permanently mount the light on the car to meet the rule listed on page 39 of the JDRL Rule Book. Using the strap on method is not NHRA legal. Please feel free to call for specific directions.

Our Price: $13.95
Jr Dragster Standard Carburetor Bowl Plug. Standard Carburetor Bowl Plug.

Standard carburetor bowl plug that fits a 42mm standard bowl and some 33mm bowls.

Our Price: $13.95
Jr Dragster Shockwave OD Primary Roller Shockwave O/D Rollers Individual Replacements

Shockwave Overdrive roller formulated stronger to withstand the torque of an overdrive setup and heavy packages.  Self Lubricating for smoother transitions. New interior cut design to hold bearing in place to reduce movement.  Sold individually. Sold with washer and nut.

Our Price: $13.99
33mm mikuni jr dragster idle adjuster Mikuni 33mm Idle Speed Adjuster

Idle speed adjuster for 33mm Mikuni Jr Dragster Carb.

Our Price: $14.25
Throttle body Valve Seal Mikuni HSR Valve Seal

Rubber Seal for Mikuni HSR42/45 Throttle Valve.

Our Price: $14.93
Jr Dragster 28mm Carburetor Floats 28mm Carburetor Floats

Designed for 28 mm Carburetor

Our Price: $14.95
Jr Dragster 33mm Air Filter Adapter 33mm Air Filter Adapter

Air filter adapter for a 33mm carburetor.  This adapter is tapered for maximum air flow at maximum velocity.  Get the power you need for more consistent Jr Dragster runs!

Our Price: $14.95
Jr Dragster Fuel filter Jr Dragster Fuel Filter

If you're looking for something for your junior dragster with maximum filtration and a lot of style, look no further than these bad boys! With 7 colors available you'll be sure to find something to match your jr dragster!

Our Price: $14.95
Jr Dragster 42mm Air mixture screw 42mm Air Mixture Screw Kit

For those of you using air mixture screws rather then air jets. Comes with spring, washer, and o-ring.

Our Price: $15.35
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